Jolijn Kruyne, consultant

Jolijn likes to focus on bringing people together. Maintaining contacts and continuing to build long-term relationships is in her system. At the start of her career, Jolijn started at Confius as a Research Associate and after several years as a lawyer and lawyer she continued her career at Confius as a Consultant.

As a lawyer, from the office in Rotterdam, Jolijn focused on corporate law. Subsequently, from the office in Rotterdam, Jolijn worked as a lawyer at PwC Legal within the commercial contract team. In this way she has been able to take a look at various internal organisations of many different cooperating companies and customers.

The wider conversations about the future, vision and people, which were on the agenda alongside the legal issues, appealed to her the most as a lawyer. Together with the various stakeholders, Jolijn is enthusiastic about coming up with practical and workable solutions, whereby different interests are combined and a good result is achieved. Jolijn is often a connecting factor between the various parties involved. Jolijn does not hesitate to keep asking until the whole thing is clear to her.

The knowledge and experience Jolijn has gained as a lawyer, in combination with her healthy curiosity in people and organisations, she constantly applies in her role as Consultant in Executive Search.