Guus Nieuwenhuijzen Kruseman, consultant

Guus likes to focus on bringing people together. Maintaining contacts and continuing to build long-term relationships is part of his system.

After studying law (corporate law) at Utrecht University, Guus started working as a lawyer at Van Doorne; a large law firm in Amsterdam. Although Guus studied law with pleasure and he has always followed law, legal developments and the legal world with pleasure and interest (and still does), he noticed that he finds it much more fun to focus “on people” as a subject than the legal.

With this in mind, Guus made the switch to executive search. His genuine interest in people and their career and his knowledge of the legal market come together in this profession. He gets energy from connecting people with clients; creating a win-win situation by guiding candidates towards a new challenge and helping clients find good candidates. Guus doesn’t hesitate to ask until the whole thing is clear to him. Guus is often a connecting factor between the various parties involved.

Guus started his career in executive search at another agency, which only focuses on legal functions, and now with great pleasure at Confius. As a result, he was able to take a look at the various kitchens at many different collaborating companies and customers. The knowledge and experience that Guus has gained as a lawyer, in combination with his healthy curiosity in people and organizations, is continuously applied in his role as Consultant in the Executive Search.

At Confius, he focuses on legal positions, but also on other specialist positions within business and professional services.

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