We perform assessments at all levels for management and leadership roles in corporate business as well as for all professionals. Always tailor-made, for every single organisation, every single function and every single person is unique. You can choose from a variety of methods and tools within:

  • Selection assessment
  • Development assessment
  • Competency assessments for (senior) management and professionals


Selection assessment

The primary objective of this type of assessment is to determine how likely it is the candidate will perform successfully. A selection assessment provides answers to questions such as:

  • Is the candidate suitable for the job?
  • Is there a match with our organisation?
  • Do the candidates’ qualities match our strategy?
  • Can this candidate successfully play a key role within the organisation?
  • Will the appointment of this candidate effect the organisation?

To assess the suitability for the position the candidate will take a capability test, a personality test and participate in a role-play and/or interview.


Development assessment

What can you achieve based on your capabilities and behaviour? A development assessment provides insight into the suitability for future roles within the organisation. The main focus is on talent and capabilities and on job requirements. A development assessment answers questions like:

  • Which focal points require more attention?
  • Does the employee have (well-developed) management skills?
  • How does your employee deal with the workload?
  • Can your employee anticipate the impact of the position?
  • What (other) career opportunities does the employee have?

The assessment provides an analysis as well as advice on the best support the employee needs for further development in either a new or their current position. It often proves to be a starting point for coaching or training.


Competency assessments for (senior) management and professionals

Evaluation of competencies and performance potential

Matching capabilities and analysing potential requires a complex process of thorough analysis and in depth assessment of competencies and personality. In some cases, clients will supplement Confius' assessment with in-house, company-wide tests and assessments.

Proven assessment tool

If you do not have such in-house tools, or if you require an (additional) assessment, Confius offers a recognized Executive Competency Assessment Tool, based on HOGAN Personality Inventory. This tool aids in the accurate prediction of the candidate’s future performance and competence for a position.

Hogans Personality Inventory

This assessment is based on the socio-analytical theory that states that people are motivated by social interactions: while people seek acceptance and recognition of others on one hand, they strive for status and power on the other. The HOGAN Personality Inventory also relies on the Five Factor Model which has been derived from studies delivered in many different countries.

High level of certainty

By including this assessment in the executive search process, we can more readily assess how the candidates will rise to the expectations of the role, who will better fit to the culture of the employer and who is expected to perform better as required under the most challenging situations.

Excellent tool for deeper assessment and evaluation

The Executive Competency Assessment Tool proves to be a valuable tool for projects requiring deeper assessment and additional evaluation, such as talent management initiatives, career planning, management assessment, (management) coaching and outplacement projects.

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