Transition & outplacement


Tailored transition and outplacement services

It’s in the best interest of all parties concerned that transition takes place smoothly. This requires a tailor-made approach.
Therefore, our transition services include:

  • Career guidance
  • A personal SWOT analysis
  • An effective transition strategy
  • Introduction into our business network
  • Personal branding
  • Practical guidance in finding a new employer


Career guidance management

No two careers are alike. That’s why your career guidance requires an independent individual approach, so you can choose and set your personal goals. We help you define your career objectives and the strategy to achieve them.

A personal SWOT analysis

We help you focus and explore your key qualities and competences so you know how to differentiate yourself and stand apart from your competitors.

An effective transition strategy

In transition you will need more than the skills and strategies that worked for you in the past. We work with you to identify your options, exploring all areas of training and assessment to achieve your goals.

Introduction into our business network

We have been active for years in the area of expertise of your future career. Therefore we gladly introduce you into our business network. Providing you with a convincing introduction we ensure that you meet the right people and engage in the relevant conversation with these people.

Personal branding

You will be amazed by the added value, in every sense of the word, of personal branding. At the end of the program, you will be able to market yourself in person and feel at ease using social media to your benefit.

Practical guidance in finding a new employer

As a third party, we can provide you with objective professional advice. You can count on that!

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